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A useful tool designed for Internet filtering that automatically blocks inappropriate online content and lets you set up a master password

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Protecting the privacy of users and filtering inappropriate online content is a task that requires a specialized utility. Even if several security solutions (antivirus or firewall applications) come with dedicated features for this kind of job, there are other tools that have Internet filtering as their sole purpose.

Such a program is Naomi, a very easy-to-use application that will block all improper images or text without requiring any user intervention. The software app works in the background and only the tray icon is visible.

Set up a master password

After installation, Naomi will prompt you to choose a password that will be used for accessing the settings menu. You should keep that password well and avoid losing or forgetting it because without it, you cannot  uninstall the utility. This is because the uninstallation command is housed by the above mentioned menu.

Automatic blocking mode

A great thing about this particular application is that it doesn't rely on a website list which may take a long time to configure so as to match the browsing habits of the users of any particular computer. Instead, Naomi constantly watches over the Internet connections and will stop in its tracks any form of obscene or violent content.

With this tool running, websites promoting pornography, the use of drugs, gambling, occultism and even terrorism cannot be accessed, not even by accident. The data monitoring process is continuous and the targets are not only the web browser but also chat programs, P2P apps, feed (news) readers and so on.

Configuration settings

In case you want the protection to be paused, you have to enter the configuration area by providing the password you chose in the first place. Then, you will be able to manually stop and start the filtering but note that this will apply only to the current session and upon a system restart, the full protection will come into effect automatically.

Bottom line

All in all, Naomi manages to provide a powerful safety filtering solution which parents can successfully use to protect their children from various threats that lurk in many corners of the Internet.

Naomi was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on July 29th, 2014
Naomi - With the help of Naomi, you can easily monitor all the Internet connections

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