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A practical and reliable Web proxy that can improve both your browsing experience and security by providing you with powerful features

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Polipo is a lightweight caching web proxy that takes up very little of your system resources while still being able to offer its service to a small or large group of people.

This is a versatile command line run application that is designed for advanced users. It displays no interface and can be set to run as a daemon but is configurable from your Internet browser.

It requires no installation and can be used on virtually any machine that has an Internet connection. As a web proxy, its main use is to be an intermediary for data requests from other servers but you can very well use it for other purposes, such as bypassing a firewalls that impose certain restrictions.

Although it’s small in stature, Polipo has a number of powerful features. It can use HTTP/1.1 pipelining, cache the initial segment of an instance in the case of a discontinued download and can use the Poor Man's Multiplexing technique to reduce latency.

If you’re used to the command line environment then configuring Polipo is not going to trouble you because it provides you with a large number of variables. It comes with a local web server that can be accessed on the same port as the one used by the proxy, enabling you to access the local server as a localhost.

Polipo is fitted with rather rudimentary filtering and this in turn makes it well suited as a replacement for other specialized proxies. It can also bridge the connection between IPv4 and IPv6 protocols, allowing access between the hosts and servers.

The web proxy is create to function at optimal parameters even if it receives little memory. It uses two pools of emory, Chunk and Malloc.

With the above to consider and much more to discover, Polipo is a versatile and reliable web proxy that can definitely improve both your browsing experience and security.

Polipo was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on April 23rd, 2014
Polipo - Polipo is a caching Web proxy that is compliant with HTTP/1.1 that can be used by both small and large networks.

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