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A simple to use weather display software for your computer.




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Using  ProMeteo software, a computer can display all the details. Bonito’s software makes it possible for even the layman to analyse complex meteorological data. You don’t need to have studied meteorology to be able to understand the general weather situation.

The integrated frequency list gives you access to all broadcast stations and frequencies worldwide. This way you can easily create your own timer list. The software runs through the timer list and you can concentrate on other things like…sailing.

Even radios that are not controllable can be used thanks to simple tuning displays. All received data are separated by MeteoViewer and displayed in a very concise and understandable way. By simply double-clicking on the various images and messages they are made visible and audible. The reception of weather data continues in the background, of course.
Last updated on October 25th, 2008
ProMeteo - From within the main window of ProMeteo you can easily view the main list and adjust the main speaker volume.ProMeteo - This is the Schedule List of ProMeteo that allows you to view all shortwave schedules.ProMeteo - From the Preferences window of ProMeteo you can choose a color design and frequency offset.

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