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Automated or manual file transfer over ISDN, modem or internet






PyroTrans is an useful EuroFile transfer package (client, server and batch mode), which allows users to manually or automatically exchange files between computers which are connected via ISDN, Modem or Internet.

The product is targeted at software developers, users and companies who require easy and reliable file transfer, either manually or controlled by other software.

The server component PyroServer is typically used in environments who allow multiple users to download files from or send files to the server (e.g. a driver download center) or multiple users to send files (eg. a print shop where customers transmit their Postscript files).

Users are identified by their user name and can be verified by passwords. It can be controlled per user if they are allowed to receive and/or send files.

The client component PyroClient can manuall call PyroServers over ISDN, modem or internet or third party EuroFile servers (via a direct ISDN connection).

PyroTrans looks like an Explorer Window and files can be transmitted via drag and drop.

The batch component can be controlled by script files or by other software to initiate a connection and do file transfers in an automated fashion, e.g. for a nightly transmission of company data between the comany and branch offices.
Last updated on January 7th, 2014
PyroTrans - In the main window of PyroServer you will be able to manage entries, clear lists or print list entries.PyroTrans - From here users will be able to customize all the general features of this program.PyroTrans - In this submenu you can change the server features and the pyrotrans protocol features.PyroTrans - From this area users may select the desired connection type and configurate the windows modem.

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