RediffMail Account Creator Bot

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An automated account creator bot for RediffMail that you can use to easily generate fake email addresses and use them to quickly signup

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RediffMail Account Creator Bot provides you with a very interesting procedure for automatically fill-in details required by the RediffMail account registration webpage. With RediffMail Account Creator Bot, you can quickly and easily sign up for an email account on the aforementioned website.

For starters, RediffMail is the Rediff email service based in India and counting around one hundred million registered accounts. Using this specific email service, you can rapidly and effortlessly work with various Indian languages in order to exchange email messages with your family and friends. One of the best things about RediffMail is that it offers virtually unlimited space and the options to synchronize with your mobile devices.

As for RediffMail Account Creator Bot, its main purpose is to spare you the time needed to enter almost all of the mandatory information such as full name, ID, password, alternate email address, mobile number, date of birth, gender and country. In some certain cases, RediffMail Account Creator Bot may provides you with a faulty ID when checking for availability, but that can be conveniently fixed with a click of a button on the ‘Create Account’ button and a few seconds of your time as the information is generated and entered within the corresponding fields.

Moreover, you can also set a proxy for the program to utilize, set some settings referring to the generation process and save the produced information. All in all, RediffMail Account Creator Bot can prove to be exactly what you need in order to create “fake” email accounts of RediffMail to serve your purpose, whatever that may be.

RediffMail Account Creator Bot was reviewed by Alexandru Pintilie
Last updated on January 13th, 2014
RediffMail Account Creator Bot - RediffMail Account Creator Bot will help you quickly and easily create new RediffMail accountsRediffMail Account Creator Bot - Users will also be able to generate information without creating an account with it from this tab section

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