RemoteBase Web Transceiver

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A simple to use radio telemetry piece of software for radio amateurs.




RemoteBase Web Transceiver provides continuous status on the Remote link whether you are actually logged in or not. Colors are used to alert the operator. Red indicates a warning, green a normal connection, and yellow indicates system availability.

It is possible to monitor the actual telemetry from the radio to check if commands are being processed correctly. When the 'z' key are depresssed,  the right side of the information display will toggle between the transmit control to a radio telemetry monitor.
Last updated on November 7th, 2008
RemoteBase Web Transceiver - From within the main window of RemoteBase Web Transceiver you can change the listening frequency.RemoteBase Web Transceiver - The Setup dropdown menu of RemoteBase Web Transceiver enables you to select the sound type or access the remote front panel.RemoteBase Web Transceiver - The Rotator and Logbook window allows you to input your callsign and name.

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