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This is a simple to use piece of software for radio amateurs.




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RoMac PSK 31 is a simple to operate, yet has many robust features to make operating PSK31 a very enjoyable experience. It's straight forward user interface, makes using the software, intuitive and simple. We set out to design a PSK31 software that has all the important features found in today's software, yet at the same time not being complicated to setup and use.

RoMac PSK31 operates PSK31, PSK63, QPSK31, and QPSK63.

Almost all PSK31 software supports and uses macros, but how many times did you ask yourself, "What the heck macro is "F1". RoMac PSK31 lets you name the macro anything you want, and then displays that name on the main screen. When you run your mouse over the macro name, the first line of the macro will be displayed. All this to make the software user friendly.

Using a macro during a QSO is as simple as double clicking the left button on your mouse, or using a "Control or ALT + Function Key" combination. RoMac PSK31 has many "tags" available, including automatically starting a transmission and stopping a transmission.

RoMac PSK31 has 81 macros per set and as many sets as you desire, thereby really offering an unlimited number of macros to chose from. Creating, editing, and testing macro's is intuitive, simple, and fast!

RoMac PSK 31 has the capability to monitor up to 9 different frequencies at one time. A simple double click of your mouse, will move the software to that frequency and you will be ready to transmit on that channel. If the software detects a station calling CQ, it will highlight that entry in yellow, to alert you to the CQ call.

RoMac PSK31 has a contest mode. It will supply a serial number for each contact, that can be incorporated into a macro. It will also check for duplicate callsigns (same band , same callsign). With its generous number of macros, writing separate macros for a contest will not mean discarding the macros you use for everyday use.

RoMac PSK31 has simple yet complete logging features. A couple of mouse clicks will have the entire QSO information ready to be saved into it's internal logbook. Once you have the callsign, between QRZ.COM and its internal prefix and country database, you will have the operators name, QTH, country, grid square, mileage and bearing, and the CQ zone. Another mouse click the log entry is saved. You can also quickly show all the contacts that you have had in the past with that station.

The logbook features are simple yet robust. There are very powerful searching capabilities to find the log entries you desire. To facilitate the transfer of data to your main logging program, RoMac PSK31 can export the data in 4 different formats, including the Amateur Radio standard "ADIF" format (ADIF 1 & 2).

The software has logbook printing capabilities, with selections of which fields to print and in which order to print them. To insure your printouts look right, a WYSIWYG print preview is built in.
Last updated on October 26th, 2008
RoMac PSK31 - From within the main window of RoMac PSK31 you can input your own customized message.RoMac PSK31 - The Setup dropwdown menu of RoMac PSK31 enables you to set a desired band.RoMac PSK31 - From the Options window of RoMac PSK31 you can input your callsign and locator.

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