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A simple and efficient application designed to help you download your sites' web logs and search through them them for your key term

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SiteDLs is a user-friendly yet quite reliable piece of software whose main function is to provide you with a quick and easy means of downloading the log files of your website to your computer.

In order for the application function, you need to type in the complete URL path to the log files from your FTP, as well as the proper credentials, then set the output location. You can then press the 'Get Log List' button and SiteDLs will retrieve the existing entries, allowing you to choose the ones you wish to work with.

Afterward, you can perform a 'Log Search' by entering the key word or phrase that you are interested in learning more about, for instance a specific file's name so you can view how many times it has been downloaded. You can select how to view the search results, either with Notepad or Wordpad, then press the 'Save and Exit' button, enabling you to use the output files however you please.

Additionally, it offers an option of exporting the results to a CSV file, which enables you to use the generated item in any spreadsheet software for further analysis of the information. SiteDLs supports the download of logs in a variety of compressed and uncompressed formats, such as TXT, GZ or ZIP, as it also has the ability to subsequently decompress such files. SiteDLs can prove quite handy when you want to learn the number of downloads for a certain log files date, as well as work with the data in other applications, for statistical purposes.

To conclude, SiteDLs is an interesting and easy to use program that helps you download you web site's log files as well as search through their contents for a particular record, saving you a lot of time and effort in the process.

SiteDLs was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on January 15th, 2014
SiteDLs - SiteDLs is a simple utility designed to help you download your web site logs and search through them for a specific termSiteDLs - The program enables you to search for a specific string in the downloaded log and select the method of viewing the results

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