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A simple yet efficient application developed to assist you in parsing a website and generating its map, with minimal effort from you





SiteMapOrganizer is an intuitive and user-friendly piece of software meant to offer you the means of generating a website's map in just a few simple moves, by crawling the indicated item and retrieving the relevant information for you to see and further work with.

The application is fairly simple to handle, featuring a basic and far from impressive user-interface, which in turn contributes to its attractiveness for less experienced computer users, who might have a tough time understanding how to best benefit from SiteMapOrganizer.

First off, you will need to select the type of web page that you are targeting, being able to choose between three different protocols, either HTTP, FTP or Local (from your computer), depending on your current needs.

Next, you need to input the URL address of the website in the assigned field, then you can click on the 'Parse Web Site' button to begin the operation. The utility will display the 'Processing Log' on a lower panel, while in the main window, it will display the pages it goes through.

SiteMapOrganizer allows you to decide which items to 'Add to Map', choose the 'Change Frequency' and set the 'Priority' level. When complete, you can press on 'Generate Site Map' to obtain your document in XML format in just a few minutes.

With SiteMapOrganizer, you can easily create a comprehensive sitemap for your website, without having to waste too much time with the operation. The lack of previous experience with this type of software is not an impediment, as you can generate the sitemap in a couple of mouse clicks.
Last updated on March 13th, 2014
SiteMapOrganizer - SiteMapOrganizer is a simple application that can help you create your website's map in just a few clicks

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