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A lightweight and user-friendly application aimed to offer you the means of looking for tracks or artists online and listen to the songs in your web browser

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specifications is a handy and easy to understand piece of software whose main purpose is to help you find your favorite music online, using a preferred keyword to locate the song or artist you want to listen to.

Clean and functional user interface

The application features a very simple and straightforward appearance, displaying a search bar where you can input the term to look for.

The results are displayed in a window above the bar, enabling you to browse through the multiple entries and double click on an item to select it.

Input your keyword to find the best matches for online music can locate all the artists and music pieces which contain the user-defined keyword in their name. To look through all of the entries, you can resort to your mouse scroll wheel and view them in brief.

For more detailed information, you can double click on the targeted piece or artist, displaying the item’s availability on the website, allowing you to play it in your browser. Similarly, it features the ‘Top Result’ and lets you either play the video or buy the song online.

The available options are listed one after the other, along with the corresponding duration, allowing you to double-click them in order to open in your default browser. As such, you need to bear in mind that is not a music player and you will not be able to listen to songs through it.

A simple music finder

To conclude, is a useful and effective program that can successfully assist you in finding your favorite piece and bands on the web, so you can listen to your favorite ones without wasting too much time to manually search for them. was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on June 27th, 2014
3 - The main window of lets you search for a particular song or artist on the eponymous - The results window displays the various options it was able to find for your - From the dedicated menu, you can show the top tracks or hide the application in the system tray

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