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A practical software solution which allows you to download subtitles in a simple and fast manner without having to open your browser

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SubSeek is an application especially designed to offer you a fast, practical and most of all, easy way in which you can download subtitles for movies that you have on your hard drive.

It’s a very simplified version of a download manager that creates a new entry in the Windows context menu and inserts a ‘Download Subtitle’ option. Other than that, there is nothing else you can use to interact with the application, no interface, no configuration possibilities.

To get a subtitle, you need to open the context menu for a video file, go to the download entry and click it. The application starts searching online subtitle databases and once it identifies the one you are looking for, it automatically downloads it in the folder where the file is located.

It’s a very simple and efficient solution. You don’t even have to open your Internet browser to search for the subtitle. All that SubSeek leaves you to do, is simply drag the downloaded subtitle into the player and open it.

There is however a small glitch with the entire process, one that you might encounter from time to time. The search seems to be executed on a name based criteria. So, If the name of the file is ‘Robin Hood’, you get a subtitle for that movie. If you were to rename it, say ‘Robin Hood and the Softpedia crew’, SubSeek downloads a subtitle with that name. Which is not something you would expect.

In closing, SubSeek has at its basis a very good idea when it comes to downloading subtitles and uses a user-friendly approach in delivering them to you. Now, you don’t have to waste time browsing online for them on various websites. You can have them in one click.

SubSeek was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on October 1st, 2014
SubSeek - SubSeek adds two new options to the Windows context menu that allows you to download a subtitle for movie or its IMDB info

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