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A small, fast and easy to use TCP / IP booster tweak utility

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TCPSpeed is a very straightforward Windows software solution aimed at Windows users who wish to increase their web browsing speed, offering a fairly simple way to optimize the TCP/IP connection.

The application is actually a network optimization tool that comprises multiple settings supposed to speed up browsing.

While it’s pretty clear that some of the available options could cause a lot of trouble to beginners, there’s not even a help manual available, which means rookies have no other option that to search the Internet for more information.

Once launched, TCPSpeed lets you configure multiple parameters, including the global max TCP Windows size, the default TTL, enable path MTU discovery and disable path MTU Black Hole discovery. As you can see, some of these options could sound like rocket science to beginners and this is the reason why many of them may actually stay away of this app.

On the good thing however, TCPSpeed also comprises a dedicated option to restore settings to the default configuration and thus fix any problem that could be caused by the new tweaks.

TCPSpeed requires a system restart after you apply the modifications and works on very low resources, which means it can be safely used on both older and newer workstations.

All things considered, TCPSpeed deserves a chance because it’s free and so easy to use, but it clearly needs more improvements, including new options and a comprehensive help manual.

TCPSpeed was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on May 9th, 2012

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