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Easy-to-configure program that helps you get rid of unwanted toolbars, while allowing you to whitelist or blacklist some of the entries and rescan the computer

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Toolbar Uninstaller is a very handy utility that allows you to remove the toolbars installed on your system, without the need for using the "Add/Remove Programs" built-in Windows menu.

With so many installers including toolbars nowadays, it's easy to end up with some unnecessary addition to your browsers. That's why Toolbar Uninstaller may come in handy to many users out there who wish to remove all unwanted toolbars with a single click.

Clean looks and simple deletion process

The interface is basic, displaying the installed toolbars after a comprehensive scanning process. Just select the ones you wish to uninstall, place them in the “Toolbars to delete” list and press the “Remove” button.

Rescan the system and add exceptions

Although minimal, the main window also comes with a dedicated utility to rescan the computer and look for toolbars once again. You can also access the toolbar database Toolbar Uninstaller relies on, which means you can easily whitelist or blacklist some of the entries and thus improve the app's efficiency.

Additionally, you can choose to create a log file, but also decide whether Toolbar Uninstaller should show a warning before removing and closing toolbars.


It may not surprise you, but Toolbar Uninstaller runs on low computer performance and doesn't slow down the system at all. Still, it's recommended to check twice the files you wish to remove, since you can't recover the uninstalled files.

Bottom line

Overall, Toolbar Uninstaller can be very useful to a handful of users, especially because it helps them get rid of unwanted toolbars. It's easy to use and it's light on hardware resources.

Toolbar Uninstaller was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on July 30th, 2014
Toolbar Uninstaller - Toolbar Uninstaller scans your system for installed toolbars and then allows you to remove any of them.

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