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A simple and easy to use application developed in order to help you get an estimation of the transfer period of a specific data package

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Transfer Time Estimator is a useful and reliable software utility whose main purpose is to help you calculate how much time it would take to transfer a file, be it by uploading or downloading it to your PC.

The application is fairly simple to understand and work with, requiring only some basic computer knowledge in order for it to function properly. Transfer Time Estimator works using a series of data input by you manually or through the built-in tools.

First off, you need to enter the size of the file or package you want to transfer, a value which can be expressed either in B, KB, MB, GB or TB. This can be added in by hand or you can use the 'Get File Size' function to know the precise dimension of the targeted item. For this, you need to browse for and select the file you intend to send or receive, which can be either local or remote (works only via HTTP URL addresses).

Optionally, you can enter the 'Transfer Speed', then use the built-in component designed to 'Convert Transfer Speed To Connection Bandwidth'. Nonetheless, you need to type in the 'Bandwidth' value or load in using the 'Presets' or Adapters'. The 'Network Efficiency' is set by default at 90 percent, but this too is user-definable.

After all the required parameters have been input, Transfer Time Estimator will automatically display the result in the 'ETA' field. However, you should keep in mind the fact that this is an estimation and not a precise duration, as the previously entered values can suffer variations during the download or upload process, causing it to last more or less than the 'ETA' provided by this application.

Transfer Time Estimator is lightweight and helpful program that is meant to assist you in determining an approximate duration for various file transfer operations, depending on several variable parameters.

Transfer Time Estimator was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on March 27th, 2014
Transfer Time Estimator - Transfer Time Estimator is a simple tool that enables you to get an accurate calculation of how much it takes to transfer a file

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