TQSL (Trusted QSL)

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An efficient and reliable software solution that can help you easily create as well as manage digital certificates, saving you valuable time





TQSL is a useful and reliable application that provides users with a set of procedures which are used to send digitally QSL information. The application is designed to enable users to create tQSL identity certificates.

An identity certificate consists of the user's public key, the call sign and the signature of a Certification Authority (CA). This way, you have the possibility to send the created tQSL certificates to your peers, submit them to your sponsor and deposit them in a central logbook server.
Last updated on November 13th, 2014
TQSL (Trusted QSL) - With the help of Trusted QSL you can easily manage and monitor your certificatesTQSL (Trusted QSL) - From the File menu you have the possibility to create a new ADIF file or access the Preferences windowTQSL (Trusted QSL) - You are able to view all your created tQSL certificates from the main window of the applicationTQSL (Trusted QSL)TQSL (Trusted QSL)TQSL (Trusted QSL)TQSL (Trusted QSL)TQSL (Trusted QSL)TQSL (Trusted QSL)TQSL (Trusted QSL)TQSL (Trusted QSL)

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