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A simple and easy to use software utility that allows users to manage their Twitter accounts and add or remove friends from the list

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Twitter FriendAdder is a lightweight cross-platform utility designed to help you add or remove friends from the online social networking service, Twitter.

It sports a clean and straightforward interface that gives users the possibility to add a new Twitter account to the list by specifying the username and password, and configuring the proxy settings.

What’s more, you can manage multiple accounts and import the information from CSV or plain text files. When it comes to exporting options, the application allows users to save the list with Twitter accounts to the aforementioned formats.

Adding new Twitter friends can be done by selecting the account, searching for friends in terms of tweets, usernames, and followers, and specifying the number of threads and friends to add. Plus, you can make the program ignore the friends that were removed from the specified account.

When it comes to deleting friends, the operation can be carried out by configuring the same parameters as for adding new contacts. The program also keeps a log which contains details about the entire process and possible errors.

Twitter FriendAdder features a built-in web browser, which enables you to navigate on multiple pages. Plus, you can create a list with your favorite sites, and access the bookmarks directly from the primary panel.

Other important features worth mentioning allows users to change the appearance for the page tabs, select the background and foreground color, limit the browsing history to a specified size or clear it, as well as configure the HTTP settings.

All things considered, Twitter FriendAdder is a reliable software application that helps users manage their Twitter accounts, add or remove friends from the list, as well as visit their websites or surf the Internet directly from the main window of the program.

Twitter FriendAdder was reviewed by Ana Marculescu
Last updated on August 26th, 2013
Twitter FriendAdder - The main window of Twitter FriendAdder works as a web browser and displays a toolbar with Twitter-related functionalityTwitter FriendAdder - The Create New Twitter Account by IE allows users to add Twitter users to the list and import or export them to a TXT fileTwitter FriendAdder - The Add Twitter Friends window enables users to befriend any number of people on Twitter at a random intervalTwitter FriendAdder - The Remove Twitter Friends window allows users to delete all the existing friends except the ones following themTwitter FriendAdderTwitter FriendAdderTwitter FriendAdderTwitter FriendAdder

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