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A simple, yet efficient application whose main purpose is to upload files and directories to a pre-configured server in a simple manner

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Upload Manager is a handy and reliable Java-based application that facilitates the upload of big files to a server, overcoming the 2 GB transfer limit set by most browsers.

Upload Manager uses a clever algorithm that splits large files into chunks, which are verified via MD5 hash ckecks and uploaded at good speed. It also benefits from a web file manager, through which you will be able to control the data stored on your server.

Upload Manager is Java-dependent, so there’s the first pre-requisite that you’ll need to ensure for the program to work. Other than this, you need to have your sever up and about and to make sure you take a look at the Readme file, which will teach you how to setup SSL functionality.

In terms of appearance, the program isn’t all that impressive, but the lack of stylish graphics doesn’t bother too much. Use the File menu to create a new server host, which you’ll have to configure by hand with parameters such as server name, file directory, port, host, chunk size and additionally, to enable SSL encryption (this feature must be configured previously, as mentioned).

Following this step, the program will automatically create the connection assuming that you’ve entered the credentials correctly and will allow you to start uploading files or directories. Uploads are listed in the main window and progress is showed for each of the items, as they are being processed.

Moreover, you can make use of the built-in file manager, which delivers a web-based approach to managing the contents of your server, with possibilities to delete data.

In conclusion, Upload Manager comes across as a steady file uploader that doesn’t set a limit on the size of the content to be uploaded. However, better graphics and a simpler way to setup SSL encryption would come in handy.

Upload Manager was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on February 16th, 2014
Upload Manager - This is how you can use the main window of the Upload Manager application to upload files.Upload Manager - Upload Manager allows users to upload files and even entire folders.Upload Manager - Upload Manager allows users to configure the server host using this simple dialog.

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