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Use this software whenever you need to access detailed information about frequency propagation.





VOAProp shows you typical propagation for a given hour of the day during a given month. The propagation is shown as expected signal strengths to be received from different parts of the world, plotted on a world map.

VOAProp can also display daily point-to-point propagation charts showing the best frequency and time of day for communication with a particular location.

VOAProp includes a table of smoothed sunspot number (SSN) data going back to the year 1900. This data is used by VOACAP to produce a plot of average expected propagation for the time of day. VOAProp can also obtain real-time solar data from WWV, which it uses to give a qualitative assessment of conditions. This can show whether conditions are likely to be better or worse than predicted.

VOAProp can also be used as an IARU amateur bands beacon monitor. If your computer clock is accurate, the program displays icons on the map which show which beacon is currently transmitting, together with the expected received signal strength according to the predicted conditions.

VOAProp includes a built-in updater which can download the WWV solar data, and update the SSN table and beacon status data, via an Internet connection.
Last updated on October 20th, 2008
VOAProp - With VOAProp you can view a Global map that can aid you in viewing the propagation rate.

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