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An easy to use application capable of completely blocking your access to unwanted websites and redirecting the request to other pages instead

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Visit Denied is a simple website blocking tool that enables you to protect your computer from being exposed to unknown or risky Web content. You may also restrict other users’ access to certain websites, such as unsafe pages.

Easily block a URL

You need to type the name of the website you wish to block in the dedicated field. The software can save your preferences instantly, and display a list of restricted pages. The Currently blocked websites box contains all the URLs that you have blocked.

When blocking a Web page, you need to specify its entire address, meaning you need to type both the “http://” and the “www.” protocols, in order for the application to recognize and block the address.

Redirect or block sites on the entire network

You may set advanced options, in case you wish to redirect the person who accesses one of the blocked domains from your computer. The software uses a domain name system resolver in order to redirect a request via a specified IP host. Moreover, you can block a certain Web page on the entire local network.

Reversing the restriction

The reverse action of blocking a URL from being accessed, is to unblock it. You can perform the unblocking manually, by managing the hosts file in the system folder. You may edit the hosts file by simply removing the blocked addresses.

Viewing and modifying a system file, however, requires administrative privileges, so in order to reverse the restriction to one of the websites, you need to acquire the proper clearance first.


Visit Denied is a simple software that can restrict access from your computer to certain websites. It does not interfere or communicate with the system firewall or other protection tools. This means that the Web pages you wish to block are entirely your decision: fraudulent websites, known malware or spam pages are a few examples of content you may wish to restrict.

Visit Denied was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on May 31st, 2014
Visit Denied - Visit Denied is a simple software that enables you to block access from your computer to certain websites.

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