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A powerful web crawling application that enables you to extract all sorts of data from one or more websites using a set of predefined miners or regular expressions to search for the content you want

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WEB MINER is a web content mining and scraping application that enables you to grab various types of data from one or more online sources. Thanks to its information filtering capabilities, it can help you grab only the data you need, while the multi-threaded crawling engine ensures fast processing speed.

Filter your search using predefined miners or regex

WEB MINER features a modern-looking interface that seamlessly integrates within the working environment of a Windows 8 computer. All options and functions are within reach, making it very intuitive and easy to get accustomed with.

The crawler can process one or more web pages, while also enabling you to create exclusion lists to ignore pages you don't want it to analyze. It comes with a variate range of miners that you can use to grab URLs, IP or e-mail addresses, phone or fax numbers, meta tags, files, feeds, keywords, names or images. Alternatively, you can use regular expressions, XSLT documents or micro-formats to filter the data and narrow down the extraction results to a few item types that match your criteria.

Displays statistics and saves extracted data locally

A list of the processed pages is shown within the main window and actions are automatically logged, enabling you to view details about any events that might affect the crawling process.

Statistical data regarding all the extracted data is displayed within the designated area, where you can view the number of gathered items, running mining threads, processed URLs, as well as the mining duration. In addition to this, WEB MINER enables you to keep an eye on the CPU and memory usage, so as not to overload the system.

Gathered data is saved to a user-defined location as TXT files, but you can also export the artifacts to CSV format. Moreover, WEB MINER can generate HTML image and document galleries that you can explore using any browser.

An advanced, yet intuitive web crawler

WEB MINER helps you download data from various web pages in a short period of time, providing a diverse range of search settings that you can customize. It combines ease of use and a forthright GUI with powerful crawling capabilities, in order to deliver reliability and speed.

WEB MINER was reviewed by Mihaela Citea
Last updated on August 13th, 2014
WEB MINER - You can use WEB MINER to extract e-mail addresses, keywords, meta tags, fax or phone numbers from websites.WEB MINER - Users are able to specify the websites they want to analyze and create an exclusion list for pages they don't want to be scanned.WEB MINER - WEB MINER enables you to choose the items you want it to grab from the analyzed pages.WEB MINERWEB MINERWEB MINERWEB MINERWEB MINERWEB MINERWEB MINERWEB MINER

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