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You can use this simple and user-friendly piece of software to verify if your favorite website is online or your connection is the one that has problems

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Website online Checker is a simple and easy to use application designed to provide you with a quick means of verifying the availability of a website, in just a few moments.

The program does not require an installation process, so you can work with it immediately after download. Just double click the file and it will display a small, non-resizable window where you can input the URL address of the website you are targeting and click on the 'Check' button.

In just an instant, Website online Checker will display the status of the website, showing a small message stating if it is online or not. As you can see, the utility is very intuitive, requiring no knowledge or experience in working with similar tools.

The application is very lightweight, requiring a minimal level of system resources, meaning it will not interfere with your other activities or cause lag and other unresponsiveness issues.

Using Website online Checker, you can determine if the website you are having trouble accessing is indeed down, or if the problem is with your system or maybe even your Internet connection. It allows you to check that specific website, without having to call on to friends for help, for them to verify it as well.

Moreover, using this small tool spares you from having to launch all the web browsers installed on your system, in order to make sure that this is not the issue causing your inability to access your favorite website.

To summarize, Website online Checker is a useful and efficient piece of software that enables you to determine whether a website is online or not, in just a few moves.

Website online Checker was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on March 3rd, 2014
Website online Checker - Website online Checker is a simple tool that allows you to verify if a specific website is available.Website online Checker - If the website you entered in the dedicated field is online, the tool will display a message to let you know so.

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