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A simple, useful and easy-to-use application that helps you to share WiFi network to another computer which lacks wireless adapter card

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WiFi Sharing Manager is a reliable and practical utility specially designed for users who need to share their Internet connection to other computers effortlessly.

Before using the utility, you need to make sure that your PC is connected to Internet through WiFi so you can easily share your wireless to any other computer which lacks wireless adapter card.

There are wireless adapters that don’t support old operating systems such as Win98 or Win95. However, if you have an enabled Wi-Fi laptop nearby, using this utility you can share your Internet connection to these old machines.

After the sharing process starts, you need to connect both PCs through an Ethernet crossover cable and you are done.

The application comes with two possibilities of sharing your Internet by selecting the wireless connection through which Internet goes live on the current computer.

The main window that the utility comes with is very easy-to-use and helps you to quickly perform such actions. Simply set the type of connection you want to use, be it Wifi or LAN, connect the Ethernet cable and get instant access to Internet from both computers.

The utility provides you with three main tabs that provide you with instructions and information on how to set a connection between your computers and quickly share your network.

The first tab, entitled ‘Overview’ displays your Internet connection status, while the second one namely ‘Share my Wifi Internet’ enables you to choose the way you want to connect to the other PC.

All in all, WiFi Sharing Manager is an ideal solution when it comes to sharing your Internet connection to computers that run old operating systems.

WiFi Sharing Manager was reviewed by Cristina Jitaru
Last updated on November 28th, 2013
WiFi Sharing Manager - WiFi Sharing Manager will help you share WiFi to your second computer which lacks wireless adapter cardWiFi Sharing Manager - The Share my WiFi Internet tab will allow users to choose the connections for the Internet and the second PCWiFi Sharing Manager - The Options window will provide users with Autorun with Windows, Start minimized or Notify me if there is a new version available settings

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