WiPeer 0.73

With this simple and intuitive software utility, you can communicate, play games and share files over your Wi-Fi or Ethernet networks
WiPeer is a lightweight application developed to help users in the same network share files directly, as well as communicate or play games. It enables users to define personal profiles, and to view other on-line users profiles. This way, it is possible to meet people with similar interests.

WiPeer enables users to define a list of contact persons. Whenever one of the contact persons connects into the network, WiPeer notifies the user about it. This application comes bundled with several multiplayer games including Chess, Chinese Checkers, Re

Chat (Instant Messaging)With WiPeer, it is possible to chat with other on-line users. WiPeer supports both private chats (with specific users) and public chat rooms to which any user may join.

File sharing becomes a breeze with WiPeer. You may share both files and complete folders either to a specific user or to anyone in your network.

WiPeer supports searching for files located in the computers of other users in the network. The search is guaranteed to return only files that were shared with the searching party. Also, WiPeer accomplishes this goal without exporting the index outside any computer, so this feature does not compromise the privacy of WiPeer users.

Ad-hoc networks are formed between two or more laptops equipped with WiFi without reliance on any access-point or other third party infrastructure. In particular, there are no connection fees and no dependence on hot-spot availability. In other words, they can be formed anywhere, including in airlanes, trains, busses, etc.

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April 26th, 2014, 10:15 GMT
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Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8
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WiPeer - The main window of WiPeer allows you to exchange files with your contacts or chat with themWiPeer - From the File menu, you can manage your connection details or you can change your current statusWiPeer - The View menu enables you to mute all sounds or run the application at Windows startupWiPeer

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