Xito Application Manager1.0.4

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Will launch applications in the same VM increasing performance and reducing memory requirements.





The Xito Application Manager is a simple to use Network Application Manager which is designed to bring network based Java Applications and content to the masses.

The User Interface is designed for consumer users with extended functionality thus making it easy for everyone to launch and access Protected Java Content over the internet.

Here are some key features of "Xito Application Manager":

■ Manages and Launches Web Based Java Applets
■ Manages and Launches Web Based JNLP Applications
■ Manages and Launches Local or Remote Java Applications
■ Manages and Launches Local Native Applications
■ Manages and Launches Web Sites in your default Browser
■ Optionally launches JNLP Applications using Java Web Start
■ Optionally launches Applications in the Same VM increasing performance and reducing memory requirements
■ Provides Full Security Manager for execution of untrusted code
■ Allows Drag and Drop Application URLs from Web Browser


■ Java Runtime Environment
Last updated on February 15th, 2009
Xito Application Manager - This is the main window of Xito Application Manager where you can visualize the items you created and build new ones.Xito Application Manager - When you choose to create a new application alias, Xito Application Manager will require you to select its type.Xito Application Manager - If you want to launch a Java application, you need to enter the main class, name, title and arguments.

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