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A comprehensive and reliable piece of software working as a general purpose web server that was designed specifically for the busy sysadmin




apex is an advanced and efficient application meant to function as a web server that will assist administrators in their work and significantly simplify their daily tasks.

During the installation process, users are prompted to indicate the file path for Perl, as apex requires its interpreter in order to function properly. If users do not have it already, they are provided with the link to download and install it in on their system.

However, if they do have it, users can use the 'Detect' function and the tool will automatically determine ActivePerl's location, after which they can proceed with apex's installation.

The application is intended to work as a web server that is able to respond to HTTP commands, being aimed specifically at sysadmins, due to their need of a simple yet powerful method through which they can conduct their work.

apex features all of its configuration parameters in a single file, specifically httpd.conf, with its settings being placed at the top, while the directives are to be found in the rest of the file.

The 'Settings' include 'Debug Modes', 'Local Timezone', 'Listen Port', 'Web Server Access Log', 'Optional Auto-Homepage Title', 'Pagetitle', 'Pageorder', 'List Possible Index Files', and several others.

This web server is meant to function as a quicker alternative to Apache, due to its installation speed and swift configuration. It enables users to set up the web interface in just a few moves, inserting the necessary links, including password-restricted ones.

For performing basic tasks through apex, users do not need to have prior CGI knowledge, while more advanced operations will require previous experience in the field.

The web server's installation folder also contains several samples which users can work with in order to figure out the proper means of handling apex, in order to benefit to the fullest of its capabilities.
Last updated on May 12th, 2007

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