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This is a software tool that allows users to get rid of most of all those incessant ads, including pop ups, banners and cookies.

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Ad Blocker is a software utility that allows you and any other user to get rid of all the ads, pop ups, banners and cookies that might annoy you daily.

Advertising has become more and more targeted and it actually looks like it is going to get even worse. A lot of the existing websites use cookies, in order to remember your browsing history, every website has at least one banner and there are still a lot of pages that produce pop ups.

The Ad Blocker is very useful in the sense that it blocks almost 98% of all of these annoying types of ads. In order for the application to actually block something, you will have to enable the options you are interested in. You can choose between blocking ads and pop ups or you can kill cookies. Of course, you can choose all of them if this is what you desire.

In the settings part of the program you will see that the program already has a pretty big list of ad servers that is blocked, but the nice thing is that you can add more or even remove some that you might be interested in seeing. Furthermore, when it comes to cookies, you can choose some sites for which to keep cookies, such as a website that you access every day and trust. When it comes to pop ups, you can choose not to block some of them that may contain a certain caption. Lastly, in the Settings window, you will be able to see the history of what AdBlocker has done today (number of ads and pop ups blocked and of cookies deleted).

To sum up, AdBlocker is a very useful tool that allows you to get rid of all the annoying types of ads that you can find on the internet.

Ad Blocker was reviewed by Madalina Boboc
Last updated on October 3rd, 2013
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