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A useful tool that allows you to block unwanted advertisements and makes your Internet browsing faster, safer and keeps it private




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PrivDog is a handy software solution specifically designed to block a variety of threats that you may come across while browsing the Internet.

With the help of PrivDog you can repel trackers, advertisements, 3rd party widgets and statistics. All of these are trying to get information about you and your system, so with PrivDog you can make sure your browsing data and other sensitive information is kept private. 
Last updated on June 28th, 2014
PrivDog - PrivDog blocks potential threats automatically and you can view the details by clicking its icon in your browser.PrivDog - PrivDog offers you a varied choice when it comes to the threats you want to block in your Internet browser.PrivDog - To have a specific website excluded from the PrivDog protection you can use the 'Exceptions' area.PrivDog

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