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A simple to use application that easily blocks advertisements that may appear on certain webpages and prevents them from loading

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AdBlock Master is a reliable program designed to filter the advertisements or commercial banners and stop Internet browsers from displaying them. The application features a heuristic analyzer that allows it to block more and more types of advertisements as its database is improved.

Blacklist and parental control

AdBlock Master is based on a live blacklist database, which consists of a collection of domains that release ads or banners. The list is constantly updated, when connection to the Internet is available. While the live blacklist database cannot be manually changed, it can easily be appended from the Local Database.

The Local Database is where you may manually add new domains to the blacklist and simply block the access to them. This particular list can only be manually updated and it is saved on your PC. The program also comes with a Parental Control feature, a separate type of blacklist, which contains adult and +18 rated websites.

Site analyzer and proxy support

The Local Proxy tab allows you to enter proxy domains, in order to block them. By default the list contains domains that are blocked by the Internet Service Provider, however, you may easily append it using the tool at the bottom of the window. It can resolve an IP for the domain you entered and save it in the database.

The Site Analyzer is a powerful instrument which allows you to identify URLs that are not related to the domain, that can potentially redirect to advertising pages. Simply enter the domain, then let the application filter all the links contained within it and display them in the designated list.

Advantages and inconveniences

AdBlock Master is a powerful tool that can restrict Internet browsers from displaying ads and works with several types or editions. The installer, however, is packed with third party applications or components, which means you need to pay particular attention during the installation. Moreover, the program specifies that blocking new domains from the Local Database blacklist might take a few minutes to take place, however, it is possible that it does not block them at all.

AdBlock Master was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on September 7th, 2015
AdBlock Master - AdBlock Master helps users secure their Internet browsing by blocking any ads and commercial banners that appear.AdBlock Master - AdBlock Master relies on a blacklist database that contains websites that may post advertisements.AdBlock Master - With AdBlock Master, users can send a website link to be verified for advertisements, then added to the blacklist.AdBlock Master - screenshot #4AdBlock Master - screenshot #5