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Serenity Ad Blocker is a free tool that prevents banner ads, pop-ups, pop-unders, cookies, blinking text etc




Serenity Ad Blocker is a free tool that prevents banner ads, pop-ups, pop-unders, cookies, blinking text, unending animated GIF looping, referrer strings, script-ads, window resizing, link hiding and more.

Serenity works with every popular operating system and web browser.

It features logging options, a simple text file lists all blocked sites and site/path combinations, and it comes with many sites blocked already.

SAB is a socks4 and socks5 compatable proxy server that runs on your
local machine to filter out banner ads, javascript popup windows and other various javascript annoyances, blinking text, animated gifs, cookies, referer strings, and user-agent strings from web sites. This allows pages to load faster, and provides a cleaner look to pages, making it easier to find the information you want.

SAB listens on port 1080 for a connection from your web browser, and then checks the site the browser wants to connect to against a list of addresses known to host banner ads. If the site is not on the list, the connection is established just as if without SAB, but if the site is on the list, SAB lies your browser, saying that it is making the connection, but instead, SAB generates a small clear picture to replace the banner ad, and gives that to your browser instead.

SAB disables javascript windows from automatically popping up, removes javascript that tries to resize, relocate, or alter the appearance of browser windows, as well as removing javascript code that hides the URL displayed by your browser when the mouse is hovering over a link. SAB also checks non-blocked GIF and JPG picture dimensions, if they are 445 or more pixels wide and between 55 and 82 pixels tall, or exactally 100 pixels tall, they are automatically blocked and replaced with a clear or white picture instead. On top of all this, SAB will also prevent text from blinking, and prevent GIF files from looping in animation forever. SAB also filters cookies (even META-tag cookies, and javascript cookies, not just HTTP header cookies), referer strings (the URL you surfed from when
visiting a new site), and user-agent strings (information about the browser and operating system you are using).
Last updated on July 24th, 2006
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