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Scan, detect, and remove spyware items, schedule scan tasks, get statistics, wipe out files using a dedicated file shredder, as well as restore, block or remove ActiveX items, IE BHOs, and IE toolbars

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SpyZooka is an antispyware software utility designed to offer you protection against online threats that may record information about your browsing habits for marketing purposes and steal sensitive data like bank accounts and credit card info.

The program comes with support for daily spyware updates in order to block the latest threats and is compatible with all web browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera.

Intuitive interface

The tool impresses with a clean design and easy-to-digest features. A help manual is included in the package and captures essential details about the setup process.

Scan tasks

The application lets you choose between a quick and full system scan. In addition, you may scan a user-defined folder or disk, view details about detected spyware and tracked cookies while scanning, as well as remove spyware from your system. The entire process is quite simple to follow: you can scan your computer, view the identified threats, and remove them.

Block common spyware items

You can protect your computer from known threats that are included in SpyZooka’s database and spyware items that redirect your browsing sessions. Plus, you may protect your Internet Explorer Favorites list from unwanted additions, several common spyware entry points, and unwanted toolbars installations.

You can also prevent changes to your IE Browser Helper Object Guard, and set up lists with programs which are allowed to run or are blocked.

General configuration settings

You are allowed to run SpyZooka at Windows startup, perform a scan at Windows startup, and schedule scan tasks to take place daily or weekly, on a specific day of the week, and at custom time.

Advanced tools and extra features

You can make use of a file shredder in order to get rid of files permanently from your computer and restore the default IE settings. Other important features worth being mentioned enable you to restore, block or remove ActiveX items, IE BHOs, IE toolbars, and Shell Execute Hook, as well as generate a system report which offers info about the OS, CPU type and speed, total and available physical memory, active processes, startup folder, and other useful details.

Get statistics

SpyZooka is able to generate at-a-glance information about the database version, last system scan, number of quarantined and ignored objects, total removed objects, total scans, last update, as well as software version. In addition, you are allowed to delete or restore items from the quarantine list.

Final remarks

To make a long story short, SpyZook has to offer basic protection against spyware threats. The straightforward feature package makes it suitable especially for rookies.

However, you should know that powerful software antivirus products (e.g. AVG, Bitdefender, Avast, Avira) come packed with efficient antispyware modules. You can give SpyZook a try to double-check if there are any spyware items hidden on your system.

SpyZooka was reviewed by Ana Marculescu
Last updated on July 27th, 2015
SpyZooka - This is the main window of SpyZooka where you will be ablet to view the security status of your PC.SpyZooka - This is the way SpyZooka will display the scanning process that takes place on your computer.SpyZooka - You can access the SpyGuard section when you want to specify the programs that are allowed to run on your system.SpyZooka - The Settings window is the place where you will be able to enable AutoScan according to your needs.SpyZooka - The Tools section will allow you to use the file shredder, change the IE settings or configure the system explorer.

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