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The Web Blocker is an Internet parental control utility that helps users block access to defined websites, but also to access the Internet history of specific accounts.

The application comes with password protection features, which means that only you, the administrator, can access it and change the settings.

The program’s GUI may disappoint some of the users and a more user-friendly approach is clearly needed, but it still helps the app get the job done.

The Web Blocker automatically scans the operating system and displays the available user accounts, allowing you to set up rules for each of them. You can easily add a new website to the block list, but also view the list of recently accessed websites.

What’s more, a content filtering tool is also available to block access to a bunch of web-based services, including social networking, adult material, games, gambling, music, videos and proxy servers.

The Web Blocker isn’t too difficult to use, but more support is available online in case you need documentation on any of the built-in features.

The good thing is that it runs on low resources and doesn’t affect the overall system performance, but it clearly needs a revised interface with a more user-friendly and straightforward approach.

To sum up, The Web Blocker is a very effective parental control solution and with a few improvements here and there, it could easily become a top app in this particular software segment. It’s completely free and most of the features require minimum computer knowledge.

The Web Blocker was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on May 10th, 2012
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