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A handy piece of software designed to immediately block or unblock ads across popular web browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari or IE

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Universal Ad Blocker is a simplistic application that carries out a noble purpose - that of blocking advertisements while browsing the web. It can accomplish the job inside any navigator you can think of, be it Firefox, Chrome, IE or another similar product.

By blocking ads, the program makes your whole experience with the web more comfortable and enjoyable, not to mention the improvements in page loading and browsing speed. Put these on top of complementary features such as ease of use and accessibility and you’ve got a perfectly reliable ad blocker that requires few efforts.

Most ad blockers are designed as browser extensions, therefore their functionality is restricted to a single navigator. As opposed to this behavior, Universal Ad Blocker makes its abilities available for all the browsers installed on a system.

Wrapped inside a simple interface, Universal Ad Blocker concentrates its whole functionality inside a single button that allows you to instantly block and unblock advertisements, with a single click. Once you enable the application to block all ads, the program displays a small prompt advising you to restart the browsers in order to notice the effects.

The same message is shown when you undo the blocking operation. However, there seems to be no need for a browser restart, as the modifications become available immediately. You do need to refresh the set of already loaded web pages, though, in order to block existing ads.

Universal Ad Blocker has got sufficient power to block the most annoying ads on the web. It can deal with advertisements created by popular ad networks, including Google and Yahoo, but it is less flexible and feature-rich as other blockers (such as Adblock Plus, for instance).

Universal Ad Blocker was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on July 17th, 2015
Universal Ad Blocker - The main window allows you to block or unblock all the ads displayed when accessing web sites

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