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A reliable and intuitive software solution that can be used whenever you want to control your computer using only your Android smartphone

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No matter if you are about to hold a presentation in front of your teachers, bosses or colleagues, or if you are simply too lazy to get up and walk to your PC whenever you want to change the video you are watching, using a remote controller for your computer can come in handy. And if you also happen to own an Android smartphone, you can try Advanced Remote Receiver.

The app installs smoothly on any computer running one of the latest editions of Windows, but you also need to download and install the corresponding mobile application called Advanced Presentation Remote on your Android smartphone.

Once both apps are up and running, you need to access the mobile one and enter the IP of your PC to its dedicated field so as to make sure the computer and the handset are connected (please note that they both should be on the same Wi-Fi network). The main window of the desktop client already displays the IP you can enter, so you do not need to explore your PC and discover it.

After you complete this step, you can rely solely on your device to remotely perform actions on your PC by swiping your smartphone’s screen and move the mouse pointer to the location you choose.

Furthermore, Advanced Remote Receiver enables you to adjust the cursor speed depending on whether you use your remote device as a touchpad or as a laser pointer.

All in all, Advanced Remote Receiver can prove to be a very useful solution for all those who find it more comfortable and elegant to use their Android smartphones during presentations, rather than needing to stick around their PC so as to navigate to the next slide, move to the next page or highlight an area.

Advanced Remote Receiver was reviewed by Giorgiana Arghire
Last updated on August 24th, 2014
Advanced Remote Receiver - The main window of Advanced Remote Receiver displays the IP you need to enter within your Android appAdvanced Remote Receiver - The Keyboard/Mouse tab is the place where you can adjust the speed of the mouse cursorAdvanced Remote Receiver - You can access the Applications tab when you want to add the programs that you want to be able to remotely run from your Android deviceAdvanced Remote ReceiverAdvanced Remote Receiver

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