GVG RDP Remover

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An intuitive and easy to use application that can delete entries stored inside the Remote Desktop Connection Manager of your computer

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GVG RDP Remover is a simple, yet efficient application that targets users in need of a quick method to delete entries stored in the Remote Desktop Connection section.

GVG RDP Remover comes across as an alternative to the traditional way of handling such records, which implies tackling the Windows Registry and deleting the corresponding entries manually. The upper advantage of GVG RDP Remover is that it provides a much simpler method of managing hosts inside RDP, with very few efforts on the user side.

In other words, GVG RDP Remover can be of great use to beginners who do not have the necessary know-how to operate the Windows Registry, but to advanced users as well, since it can reduce the time spent on performing this sort of operation by hand.

The program comes wrapped up inside a portable archive, hence it does not need installation. Upon launch, GVG RDP Remover automatically identifies all records stored inside RDP and lists them in a dropdown menu that allows you to select the one to be removed. Alternatively, you can opt for the deletion of all the profiles, if you want to empty RDP entirely.

The deletion of a host triggers a dialog which warns you that the operation cannot be undone. If you agree to proceed, the record will be deleted and should no longer be visible inside RDP.

On an ending note, GVG RDP Remover delivers a very simple method of cleaning up the records stored inside RDP. It identifies all entries automatically, therefore reducing efforts to a couple of clicks.

GVG RDP Remover was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on January 29th, 2014
GVG RDP Remover - GVG RDP Remover allows you to select the record to be delete or to remove all of them altogether.

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