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Sometimes, large companies rely on so-called virtual private networks (also known as VPNs) to be able to safely share or transfer files with workstations located in remote locations. Such a VPN-dedicated application is Kerio VPN Client.

It installs without any issue, as no user input is required and simply clicking the ‘Next’ buttons leads to successful installation.

Once the application is launched, it needs to connect to a previously existing server that would allow users to share documents with remote computers. One simply needs to enter the server name, specify their username and password, then establish the connection.

In addition, those who use Kerio VPN Client can easily switch to a different language, in case English is not the same language they are using at work.

The benefit of using Kerio VPN Client is that users do not need to learn how to manage new apps or get accustomed to new environments, as remotely transferring files becomes as simple as moving them to another computer location.

The advantage of using a VPN is that users who do not have proper credentials cannot access the network thus jeopardizing the company’s confidentiality. Also, it needs to be mentioned that no hardware component is required, as a VPN is virtually created on any computer one might choose.

To wrap it up, Kerio VPN Client will truly prove its worth in a business environment centered around a dedicated server and will provide users with safety and reliability when it comes to transferring files to remote computers.

Due to this application, any physical barriers that might have prevented sharing between computers located in different cities or countries are overcome, without needing to renounce security or speed.

Kerio VPN Client was reviewed by Giorgiana Arghire
Last updated on October 30th, 2013
Kerio VPN Client - Kerio VPN Client is a software that enables you to easily connect to a VPN server.Kerio VPN Client - You can quickly enable / disable the `Enable balloon messages` option from the Settings window.

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