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Can be used to help network administrators to handle remote computers sending shell command through TCP/IP session.






KontrolPack is an efficient, cross-platform remote shell command executor. It was created to improve system interoperability connecting remote computers (independently of operating systems running) and executing shell command across networks.

Since many years, a war has grown between operating systems such as GNU/Linux distributions, MS Windows or OS X. In each camp, everyone is convinced of the superiority of the operating system they dayly use and often criticize publicly concurrent softwares.

KontrolPack's goal is not to choose a specific camp. But, to the opposite, to allow specifics operating systems to work with each other. The main functionnality of this software is to provide an adaptable user interface to interact directly with kernels of the most known operating systems sending appropriate shell commands remotely.

For example, you can, from a GNU/Linux distribution, order to a hundred of MS Windows based computers to restart or to defrag their root partition. You can also get IP addresses and routing tables of a bunch of computers in order to manage an area network. But, when you need to, you can also execute simultaneous batches and scripts through the network.
Capabilities of KontrolPack do not have any limit because shell commands posibilities for each operating system are still constantly evolving.

Users can easily use it on most known operating system to interact with an other one without any administration issues.

KontrolPack is composed of a windowed multi-client server programming in Java language (Java technology has been chosen for its portability) and a cross-platform client developed in the native C programming language (chosen for its real time and efficient behaviour in system application).

JKontrol can be used to help network administrators to handle remote
computers (independently of the operating system running) sending shell command through TCP/IP session.
Last updated on June 14th, 2014
KontrolPack - In the main window of KontrolPack you can easily connect to a certain IP address.

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