Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection

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Whenever something breaks down in your computer, you can either start tinkering with its options until you locate the problem or you can ask for help from one of your more tech-savvy friends.

However, if they cannot or would not visit you, you can rely on a remote connection that allows them to access your computer and operate it just as if they were standing in front of your monitor.

In order to benefit from this function, you need to install Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection as this app will enable other users to connect to your PC using correct credentials. Once this connection has been successfully established, the remote user gains access to all installed applications, files or network resources - however, you can no longer access any of these documents until the remote session is closed and you are once again in control of your workstation.

One of the great advantages of this app is that it does not require expert PC skills on either side, since the remote user only needs to specify the username and password if the target PC, then the connection goes through without any additional input.

Additionally, one can even set the app to remember the used credentials so they no longer need to enter them every time they want to create a remote connection.

It needs to be mentioned that this function is now integrated by default within the latest operating systems released by Microsoft and that you only need to install it separately if you are still running a very old OS - in this case, you might still have Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection on your PC if you have already installed various service packs or updates.
Last updated on September 3rd, 2004
Microsoft Remote Desktop ConnectionMicrosoft Remote Desktop Connection

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