Multi-Screen Remote Desktop

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This is a software application that enables all users to connect remotely to multiple computers in the same time and in a safe way.

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Multi-Screen Remote Desktop is a software program that allows you to connect remotely to a large number of computers in the same time. This app is a very fast and safe solution that was created specifically for administrators or other such professionals.

Although the program was clearly designed for power users, you should know that the user interface makes working in the app accessible. Upon reading a few tutorials, even normal users should be able to use this program, although they might not need to.

In the main window, you are able to follow groups of nine remote computers in real time, while on the right side, you can see an analog clock, followed by a few buttons giving you access to certain actions, such as Options, Sharing, License and Help. On the lower part of the main screen, you will be able to choose between viewing one, four, six or nine computers in the same time.

Another feature that the Multi-Screen Remote Desktop will be able to provide you with is the ‘Controllable mode’, in which you are allowed to use both your keyboard and mouse to control any one of the remote computers individually. Having so much control over the computer that you are connected remotely to, makes your life ten times easier, as you are able to finish everything you need to do more easily and, most importantly, faster.

To sum up, Multi-Screen Remote Desktop is a very useful tool that allows you to connect remotely to several computers at a time.

Multi-Screen Remote Desktop was reviewed by Madalina Boboc
Last updated on October 11th, 2013
Multi-Screen Remote Desktop - Multi-Screen Remote Desktop will help you view the desktops of up to 9 remote computers on your own screen in real timeMulti-Screen Remote Desktop - The Configure window will allow users to select the snapshot destination folderMulti-Screen Remote Desktop - The Settings window will provide users with Share folder on the network and Password needed to access the folder options

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