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A handy application that can help you keep an eye on the status of all your computers, or even servers, using as much as a browser

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In order to monitor the status of your computer, you usually need to run a local application that can collect system information, then display it. But there are programs that can do this remotely, one of them being O&O Syspectr.

This browser tool allows you to monitor your computer's infrastructure, collecting information about every software and hardware aspect, then displaying it. Furthermore, it can do all these things remotely, helping you monitor your computer even it is no longer running. In order to properly function, you need to have an O&O account and a web browser installed.

Detailed system performance monitor

O&O Syspectr scans your computer, displaying hardware and software information about it. You can check the status of your security anytime, or if your computer has the latest updates installed. The program will display all installed applications on your computer, in order to give you a better view on your system memory status. Besides viewing the installed software, you can get an insight on your drives and partitions state.

A handy feature of this application is the DriveLED, which allows you to monitor your computer's health, runtime and temperature. This way, you can check if your computer gets overheated too fast, which could help you spot out certain problems.

You can remotely access your computer in two ways, either by remote console or remote desktop. This features help you keep track of your computer and use it, even if you are not standing in front of it.

A powerful computer monitoring tool

O&O Syspectr helps you keep your system clean and safe, by closely monitoring it. You can remotely control and supervise it, as the application is browser-based, and can be accessed from anywhere, providing you have Internet access.

O&O Syspectr was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on September 11th, 2015
O&O Syspectr - The application allows you to monitor the current status of your computer, server or virtual machine.O&O Syspectr - You can view the status of each computer, along with some hardware and software specifications.O&O Syspectr - By accessing the Windows Security section, you can check for any security threats that could harm your computer.O&O Syspectr - screenshot #4O&O Syspectr - screenshot #5O&O Syspectr - screenshot #6O&O Syspectr - screenshot #7O&O Syspectr - screenshot #8O&O Syspectr - screenshot #9O&O Syspectr - screenshot #10

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