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A lightweight and easy to deploy package that enable you to establish connection between a server and remote computer for manipulation from a distance

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Specific working environments often require manipulation of computers or installed components from a distance. There are various specialized utilities like Remote Desktop that enable you to set up multiple computers to be under close watch and full control of a main server.

Easy to deploy and configure

The application comes in a pretty light package, with the main component needed on both server and target computers. Connection can be established in two ways, either for remote access or set up a chat. The whole configuration process takes you through a few steps, with little effort required on your behalf.

You need to keep the application running at all times on both machines for everything to properly function. This can be a drawback, because accidentally closing it on either computers takes you through the whole configuration again.

Difficult desktop management

Once you've established the connection, a new window appears on the server, giving you full control and real-time feedback of the target computer. However, the refresh rate is pretty poor and for complex operations or presentations it can get difficult and time-consuming.

What's more, the application is only suitable for one machine at a time, connecting more than one computer is possible, but the feedback monitor starts to flicker with alternating feedback from all desktops. Control is limited to taking over the mouse, with no possibility to sent a message, or quickly access power options.

Set up a chat room

As mentioned above, you can also use the application to set up a chat room. Unfortunately, flaws are found here as well, the feature working fine for one target machine, but when more computers join the chat it does not become a conference, rather a mixed method of only a few computers actually being able to receive messages.

A few last words

To sum it up, Remote Desktop is packed with a lot of potential, being extremely lightweight and easy to use. However, functionality leaves a lot more to be desired and the faulty connection with multiple computers makes it less practical. If that wasn't enough, low feedback speed further decreases integrity, because it gets difficult to use even with one target machine.

Remote Desktop was reviewed by Mircea Dragomir
Last updated on October 10th, 2014
Remote Desktop - You can use the main window of the application to select the option you want to use.Remote Desktop - The following window allows you to setup the application as a server or as a client.

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