Tether (formerly Shark Modem)

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Stay connected to the Internet nearly anywhere you are by turning your Blackberry device into a modem and connecting it to your computer

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It's a well-known thing that Blackberry devices mostly come in handy if you work in an extremely busy environment and are dependent of a tight schedule and document management. Moreover, the Internet might also play an important role in easing your job and is not always available. However, with the help of applications like Tether, you can grant Internet access to your computer by transforming your Blackberry device into a modem.

Straightforward and easy to use

Since the application's core function is to create a bridge between your device and computer, don't expect sophisticated features. This is a good thing, allowing you to quickly set it up and get acquainted with what it has to offer.

View connection related details

The main window is pretty compact, with the possibility to minimize it to the system tray once the connection is established. A few details can be viewed, such as the device you are using, connection type, packets sent and received, as well as the amount incoming and outgoing data.

From the moment you first connect, activity is kept under surveillance. Hitting the “History” button lets you view sent and received packets and data between time intervals you specify by selecting dates from a calendar.

Two ways to establish connection

The application also needs the mobile counterpart to be installed in order to successfully establish connection. Once you run the Windows client, a small window requires you to select either a USB cable or Bluetooth connection type.

There is no included function to switch between types in case you make the wrong choice, so you need to restart the application because the prompt screen appears each time.

In conclusion

To sum it up, Tether is yet another method through which you can stay connected to the information superhighway without cable or wireless networks. As long as your phone has signal coverage you can rest assured that connection runs smooth, making it practical nearly anywhere you are.

Tether (formerly Shark Modem) was reviewed by Mircea Dragomir
Last updated on August 27th, 2014
Tether (formerly Shark Modem) - Tether will provide users with a full-fledged Application that allows Blackberry users to utilize their device as a modemTether (formerly Shark Modem) - Users will be able to choose their device amd connection method every time they run the application

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