Sony Virtual Remote Control

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Control Sony Bravia TV's and other Sony devices connected to your network.

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There are many cases when developers try to replace the physical objects with software counterparts, so that users no longer need to go looking for their remote control, for instance, when they want to change the channel on their TV. Luckily, those who own Sony 2011 Bravia TVs can try Sony Virtual Remote Control.

The application aims to completely replace the traditional remote controller as it provides users with the same features, so they will not miss any of its functionality.

When they run Sony Virtual Remote Control on their PC, the utility will automatically look for and detect all connected compatible devices - the app supports Sony devices that rely on IRCC over UPnP (users will first need to correctly configure wired or wireless connection as well as proper network setup).

Sony Virtual Remote Control comes in handy to all those who want to modify the IRCC commands of their Sony device according to their liking, and due to the app context menu, they can query the device for supported commands.

One will be able to use Sony Virtual Remote Control to quickly navigate to another channel, access the previous or the next ones, as well as all the other functions typically found in remote controllers.

While the app can be operated using a mouse, more experienced users will probably prefer to rely on their keyboard, thus saving a lot of time, which is quite valuable if they are currently working on an important project.

All in all, Sony Virtual Remote Control can be of use to all those who want to get rid of the traditional remote controller and would like to try a more virtual approach towards managing their Sony 2011 Bravia TV.

Sony Virtual Remote Control was reviewed by Giorgiana Arghire
Last updated on October 3rd, 2014
Sony Virtual Remote Control - Sony Virtual Remote Control is a lightweight tool designed to replace the Sony Remote Keyboard.Sony Virtual Remote Control

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