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A reliable and useful service that helps you to view the state of your PC and execute predefined scripts from other devices remotely

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Wake Up Air is a comprehensive and effective Windows service that allows you to shutdown or restart your computer, as well as execute predefined scripts from remote locations via a web interface. Irrespective of the action you choose to perform, the application enables you to manipulate events, organize tasks and turn off the PC effortlessly.

Since the scripts are executed under the LocalSystem account, the web interface can be easily customized and personal scripts can be added into the service’s scripts folder. By default, the service starts automatically with the operating system, but in case you want to change its behavior, you can access the Services section from the Control Panel.

The main window of the application enables you to start or stop the server, open the web interface or the scripts folder, as well as configure the service the way you want.

By accessing the ‘Service Configuration’ window you are able to modify the HTTP port number, the username and the password that allows you to connect to the web interface since the service is accessible only with authentication.

What’s quite interesting is that the Wake Up Air service supports the WakeUP application for Windows Phone so you can easily turn on and off the desktop computer at your home or office, as well as monitor its power state and execute your predefined tasks, no matter your location.

Additionally, from your phone you can view the MAC address of each computer, as well as the public IP address or domain name. All you have to do is to make sure that the Wake Up Air service is available on your computer and works properly.

In case you want to customize the scripts the way you want, you can press the ‘Open Scripts Folder’ button, access the proper files and modify their actions with ease.

To wrap it up, having the Wake Up Air service enabled into your computer allows you to remotely shutdown and restart the system, as well as execute your predefined tasks anytime from your Windows Phone.

Wake Up Air was reviewed by Cristina Jitaru
Last updated on January 22nd, 2014
Wake Up Air - The main window of Wake Up Air enables you to start or stop the server, open the web interface or configure the service the way you wantWake Up Air - The web interface enables you to easily shutdown or restart your system with ease

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