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A software solution designed to search for files and folders on your local area network, as well as copy, move or delete the detected items

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In order to have complete control over multiple computers at the same time, they first need to be connected with your own workstation through a local area network. In addition, you also need to be able to access their file system, which usually requires administrator privileges, as well as copy, move or delete documents remotely.

Remotely scan network file systems

ZOLA Remote File Search is a software utility that enables you to remotely navigate the file system of the machines in your local area network, as well as perform various operations on the found items. Furthermore, you can also scan their registry and specify the desired search criteria, complete with multiple wildcard support.

As for the actual scan operations, it is possible to conduct a wide range of wizards, depending on your necessities. Hence, you can choose between scanning computers within a specific IP range, domain, or even perform an automatic search of the entire network. Once the type of procedure is selected, you can also configure the search methods and parameters, as well as view the results.

View statistics and export the scan results

After the operations are completed, the application enables you to view various statistics about the scan type, status and date, as well as the total duration and the number of files found in the process. This data is displayed in list form and you can select any individual scan to view more detailed information.

In addition, the data can be exported to an external file for safe keeping. When it comes to the output formats that are supported by the application, the list includes anything from Word and Excel documents, to PDF, HTML and even Access databases. Moreover, you can also customize the formatting options and customize the way every item is handled in the process.

A fully-featured remote file scanner

All in all, ZOLA Remote File Search is a software utility that provides you wide a wide range of powerful features and options, especially when it comes to the type of scans you can conduct on the network. Furthermore, the wizard-driven interface is very intuitive and easy-to-use, making it a good choice even for beginners.

ZOLA Remote File Search was reviewed by Alexandru Dulcianu
Last updated on January 15th, 2015
ZOLA Remote File Search - You can scan the entire network and view the results into the main window of the application.ZOLA Remote File Search - The File menu allows you to load results from an external file, as well as repair the database tables.ZOLA Remote File Search - You can alternate login credentials and manage the program configuration by accessing the Settings menu.ZOLA Remote File Search - screenshot #4ZOLA Remote File Search - screenshot #5ZOLA Remote File Search - screenshot #6ZOLA Remote File Search - screenshot #7ZOLA Remote File Search - screenshot #8ZOLA Remote File Search - screenshot #9

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