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Considering the fact that it bears the name of “Speed Up Surfing” you might say that this little application just boosts up your surfing or downloading speed, the surprise is that it doesn't.

Speed Up Surfing is simply a utility for fast searching of any kind when time is of the essence.

Clever by design

The application itself runs either in a small main window or in an even smaller one, which is just a minimized version of the other one.

In the first window you find a centered text field where you can input text, after which you search something in particular about the text depending what button you press. And there are several, none without purpose, or if you consider that they are meaningless you are free to assign it to anything you please.

Clever by functionality

All around the text field there are buttons. Small and intuitive, mostly made of one word, they do exactly what they say. Hit the “Video” button and a browser will open showing you videos in relation to the text entered in the field. Needless to say what buttons like “search it” and “translate” do.

No need to worry if the website that provides information is not to your liking, just hit the “options” button and such inconveniences can be turned around.

The application also lets you configure up to 9 more buttons leading up to 9 different websites. Hotkey assignment to any button makes it even more flexible, being able to put Speed Up Surfing even whilst running something else.

Taking everything into consideration we can say that Speed Up Surfing is a surprise to have around starting from the misleading name.

Speed Up Surfing was reviewed by Mircea Dragomir
Last updated on March 25th, 2014
Speed Up Surfing - Speed Up Surfing is a handy utility designed to offer you quick acces to Google, Google Translate, YouTube and Wikipedia.Speed Up Surfing - You can configure the Options of Speed Up Surfing using the designated window.

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