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An intuitive and seamlessly easy to use application that allows you to check the validity of the links and HTML code contained by a website

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In order to ensure the consistency of your website, it is recommended that you periodically check all its links and pages, to see if they are still valid and if they do not lead to pages that are not available anymore. This can be done using programs specialized in link checking and HTML validation, such as mTrawl.

The program helps you maintain your website’s validity and consistency, by scanning its links and pages, determining if they are still available or if they lead to broken webpages, that usually display the 404 error. It requires Java installed on your computer in order to work properly.

Handy and easy to use link checking application with modern-looking interface

The application enables you to check any website for link validity and code correctness, by verifying if any of the links that it contains still lead to available webpages or resources. It can verify the hyperlinks of any website and determine if they are no longer valid.

In addition, you can customize this process, by setting the program to report as errors the hyperlinks that are unresponsive after a certain period of time. For instance, mTrawl can be set to detect as broken any link that displays a certain HTTP error code, such as 204, 404 or 410.

Dependable HTML validation tool that provides solutions and fixes

Beside link checking, the application can help you validate the code of your HTML page, by scanning any irregularities in its structure and build.

By doing so, you are able to correct any mistakes according to the latest web consortium standards and protocols.

A reliable and powerful link and webpage validation utility

To conclude, mTrawl provides you with a stable and efficient environment for testing the validity of your website, by checking if there are any broken links or HTML code mistakes.

mTrawl was reviewed by Andrei Fercalo
Last updated on October 21st, 2014
mTrawl - mTrawl can help you check the consistency of certain webpages, by verifying if the links it contains are not broken.mTrawl - The Errors tab displays all the errors encountered when scanning a website and the hyperlinks it contains.mTrawl - By accessing the Settings menu, you can change the scope of your application, so that it scans local or remote server webpages.mTrawlmTrawlmTrawlmTrawlmTrawlmTrawl

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