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A comprehensive and efficient application that enables you to monitor the activity and performance of your Microsoft SQL Server over longer periods

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ApexSQL Monitor is an advanced and reliable software solution developed to provide you with a professional means of tracking the performance of your Microsoft SQL Server, in order to help you identify the cause of issues and deadlocks.

Accessible and intuitive looks

The application features a clean and modern appearance, making use of tabs to sort its various functions, enabling you to easily switch between them and learn the information you need without too much fuss.

ApexSQL Monitor supports working with multiple server instances, meaning you can oversee the activity of multiple items simultaneously and obtain several details about them.

Track your SQL Server’s performance over longer periods of time

For starters, you will need to connect to your Microsoft SQL Server, bearing in mind that you can use either your Windows authentication credentials or the server username and password, depending on your particular preferences.

Once the connection is established, the server instances are displayed in a separate panel, allowing you to click on the node you want to work with and ApexSQL Monitor will reveal an ‘Overview’ of its general information, for instance name, version, status, comprised databases and others.

At the same time, you can switch over to the ‘System Performance’ section of the program and learn how your processor handles its various tasks. The ‘SQL Server Performance’ helps you determine how your server deals with batch requests and other such operations. Moreover, from the ‘Query Performance’ section of ApexSQL Monitor you can discover the average execution time, CPU time, physical and logical reads.

A useful server tracking instrument

Overall, ApexSQL Monitor is an efficient and comprehensive utility that can successfully assist you in checking the performance of your SQL Server, enabling you swiftly identify and solve any issues that may arise during its functioning.

ApexSQL Monitor was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on June 25th, 2015
ApexSQL Monitor - The main window of ApexSQL Monitor allows you to connect to your Microsoft SQL Server and get an overview of its activityApexSQL Monitor - The System Performance tab enables you to view a graphical analysis of the utilization of processor timeApexSQL Monitor - From the SQL Server Performance tab you can learn what is the amount of batch requests per secondApexSQL Monitor - screenshot #4ApexSQL Monitor - screenshot #5ApexSQL Monitor - screenshot #6ApexSQL Monitor - screenshot #7ApexSQL Monitor - screenshot #8

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