DBConvert for SQLite & MySQL 1.8.2

Bi-directional db conversion tool for SQLite and MySQL databases
DBConvert for SQLite & MySQL - DBConvert for SQLite & MySQL - Bi-directional db conversion tool for SQLite and MySQL databases
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DBConvert for SQLite & MySQL is a database migration tool which performs two-way conversion from SQLite databases to MySQL server and from MySQL to SQLite. The tool is also applicable for MySQL database migration to another MySQL database or to MySQL server and is quite adept at copying a SQLite database to another SQLite database.

DBConvert for SQLite & MySQL provides the bulk of functional capabilities such as interactive (GUI) mode / command line mode, saving data into a MySQL Dump and PHP script for export to MySQL database, task planner scheduling, data mapping, data filtering, preverification of possible conversion errors, etc.

You can convert SQLite to MySQL or MySQL to SQLite simply by configuring several options through a Wizard interface or in command line mode. Command line parameters added to a scheduling function enables you to automatically synchronize or convert data regularly without user input and supplementary settings.

DBConvert for SQLite & MySQL provides you with the ability to create Dumps and PHP scripts for indirect data uploading on MySQL thereby offering a workaround to possible server restrictions. The program generates a PHP-script that contains database info within itself and can be executed on the server to put the database there.

Filtering data during conversion allows users to retrieve only specific data for converted tables according to defined filtering criteria. Filters give you more control on the data migration process.

Data mapping is a compatible data types assignment for a destination database. This function used as an additional ability for data population makes your conversion more flexible.

Possible conversion errors can be detected before the conversion process gets started. The tool displays errors and potential problems with your table objects beforehand.

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Main features:

  • Interactive (GUI) mode / command line mode;
  • Saving data into a MySQL Dump and PHP script for export to MySQL database;
  • SQLite version 3.0 and higher support;
  • SQLite database size optimization;
  • Feature to replace symbols in names of tables and fields (which are required not to be used as they are the symbols reserved for DBMS internal purposes) with a substitute symbol;
  • Automation of the conversion process with task planner scheduler;
  • Ability to select ISAM, MYISAM, HEAP, InnoDB or BDB table types when copying data to MySQL or MySQL Dump;
  • Unicode Support/Connection character sets support:
  • LATIN1, LATIN2, LATIN5, LATIN7, ARMSCII8, ASCII, CP1250, CP1251, CP1256, CP1257, CP850, CP852, CP866, DEC8, GEOSTD8, GREEK, HEBREW, HP8, KEYBCS2, KOI8R, KOI8U, MACCE, MACROMAN, SWE7, TIS620, UTF8 (unicode charset);
  • Primary keys and Indexes support ;
  • Foreign keys (relations) support;
  • Advanced customization options:
  • partial selection for database objects to be converted;
  • database objects (tables, fields, indexes) renaming before conversion.
  • detection of possible conversion errors at customization stage.
  • Sessions support - all your settings can be saved and restored then.
  • `ENUM` and `SET` MySQL database types support;
  • ‘Binary picture` SQLite data types support;
  • Ability to connect to MySQL database servers located on all Unix-like and Windows machines.
  • Skins support

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DBConvert for SQLite & MySQL

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What's New in version 1.7.3
  • Conversion engine is significantly improved for large databases migration. Now faster in times!
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