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Batch conversion between dBIII database format and text file format






This package provides two command line utilities TXT2DBF.EXE and DBF2TXT.EXE. These tools can be used for (batch) conversion between dBIII database format and text file format. You may find more convenient to edit database in a text form using your favourite plain-text editor.

You can easily add or delete rows and columns, change width of fields, find and replace data etc. Updated text can be converted back to DBF format using TXT2DBF utility and then processed with database application or imported to a spreadsheet.
DBF2TXT [parameters] input_file_name [output_file_name]
TXT2DBF [parameters] input_file_name [output_file_name]

Default extensions are DBF and TXT. Default output file name corresponds with the input file name. Parameter /O will supress the warning query when output file already exists. This is useful in batch conversions.

Additional DBF2TXT parameters:
Text header (the first four lines) will be omitted when parameter /H is used.
Field separator can be set with parameter /Cxx, where xx is hexadecimal code of the required character. Default is /CB3 (box drawings light vertical).
Example: /C3B will use semicolon, /C7C will use vertical pipe. Be sure to choose a character which is not contained in data.

Additional TXT2DBF parameters:
When parameter /T is used, fields width in 3-rd line is ignored and real fields width is calculated from fields content (without white spaces) during an additional conversion pass.
Parameter /V tells TXT2DBF not to strip off the white spaces from the left side of data fields. This can be useful for later sorting by columns with variable data width.
With parameter /Cxxxx we can set the codepage information to DBF header (the word at offset 32). xxxx must be replaced with required hexadecimal codepage value.
Last updated on May 19th, 2009
DBF2TXT - The available options window for DBF2TXTDBF2TXT - The available options window for TXT2DBF

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