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A comprehensive database manager that enables you to browse, edit relational data and commence queries in your SQL Server tables

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DbOctopus is a reliable application that enables you to connect to remote databases through an SQL server and edit tables or data fields. The software enables you to connect to multiple stations and view the available databases in a tree structure.

Database editor

Not only can DbOctopus help you access remote databases, but you may also explore and modify relational data from the SQL tables. You can easily access database work sheets, tables, modify columns, stored procedures, as well as edit data fields. New data can easily be added, and you can find/replace pieces of text within tables.

Additionally, the software enables you to open a table and view it in page mode or create a pivot table based on the original structure. You may also copy and paste several rows between tables or export data to external sources. Moreover, the software supports data import from other documents.

Query assistant

DbOctopus allows you to conduct complex queries, by easily browsing through all the available tables, pages, database documents or even different server connections. You may enter several key words, phrases or even paragraphs, then select the station and database file you wish to analyze. You may easily import key text in order to start a query, as well as save or print the results of the search straight from DbOctopus.

The application offers you several editing tools, designed automatic code completions, or creation or JOINs. Additionally, you can create standard scripts for any table, view or stored procedure and convert common tables to pivot view.

Reliable SQL database explorer

DbOctopus facilitates the access and analysis of database structure, as well as allows modifying dependencies, such as parent-child relations between data fields. Moreover, the software enables you to explore relations and easily join or bind tables. The process of modifying relational data is simple and does not require extensive knowledge of SQL code scripting.

DbOctopus was reviewed by Elizabeta Virlan
Last updated on August 3rd, 2014
DbOctopus - DbOctopus is an easy to use database manager that allows you to connect to a remote database through an SQL server.DbOctopus - You can connect to the desired database, then view tables, modify columns or commence queries and search for key words.DbOctopus - You can view the available database tables as tabbed MDI, as cascade, horizontal or vertical tiles, for a better management.DbOctopus - screenshot #4DbOctopus - screenshot #5DbOctopus - screenshot #6DbOctopus - screenshot #7DbOctopus - screenshot #8DbOctopus - screenshot #9

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